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Angular Development Training Program( Course) : 180 Days/6 months

What you'll Learn

  • Module1:- Getting started with Angular web application architecture
  • Module2:- Understanding Angular building blogs, CLI commands, Modules, files
  • Module3:- Learning component, data binding, app bootstrapping, selector, Template and styles
  • Module4:- working with bootstrap to design application, Data Binding, Angular Animations
  • Module5:- Component Interaction using @Input and @Output decorator, Component Life-cycle Hooks
  • Module6:- Angular Routes and Navigation, Optional Route Parameters, Child Routes, Route Guards, Location Strategies.
  • Module7:- Handling Forms in Angular, Types of forms, Underlying building blocks of the form model, Template-driven vs Reactive forms.
  • Module8:- Dynamically adding data to a form.
  • Module9:- Directives and Pipes in Angular
  • Module10:- Understanding Angular Directives, @Component Directive
  • Module11:- Structural Directives, Attribute Directives, Custom Directives
  • Module12:- Pipes, Built-in Pipes, Chaining pipes, Custom pipes
  • Module13:- Pipe Transform Interface & Transform Function, Pure and Impure pipes
  • Module14:- Angular Services and Dependency Injection
  • Module15:- Angular service, Need for a service
  • Module16:- Dependency Injection, Creating a service, Hierarchical Injector
  • Module17:- Injecting A Service into Another Service, Observables, RxJS Library
  • Module18:- Angular’s Interaction with Backend, Parts of an Http Request, HttpClient
  • Module19:- Testing and Application Deployment in Angular
  • Module20:- Testing, Why should we perform testing? Types of testing
  • Module21:- Testing Angular application using Jasmine and Karma, Maintaining application code using Git
  • Module22:- Version control system, Why should we use Git? Git file workflow
  • Module23:- Running application on production server: Nginx, Architecture of Nginx,How to configure Nginx?
  • Module24:- Deployment of an application using Docker, Problems before containers
  • Module25:- How containers solve the problems
  • Real Time Latest Project

Angular Development Training Program( Course) : 180 Days/6 months

At Debuggers For 180 Days/ 6 months Angular Training among top Angular training institutes based in Lucknow. Also known for its kind of quality Angular training given by Working developers who developing web-based applications. Debuggers' aim is to provide the student best professional training for Angular Development.


Angular Training at Debuggers:

Angular Training in Lucknow at Debuggers is designed as per the Industrial Requirement with Live Project. Join the best Angular Training Institute in Lucknow with 100% Job Assistance. Debuggers have a team of highly experienced professionals as well as technical faculties cum developers with more than 10 years of experience in Angular programming and other related Angular technologies.

Debuggers Beginner to Programmer Provides Best Angular Training in Lucknow. We offer Angular training with interactive sessions and real-time practical examples. We are offering complete and expertise Angular training in Lucknow to our beginners which help them to receive hands-on tutoring in a real-time scenario including with Angular projects.

Debuggers is an excellent Angular course in Lucknow with superior integrated infrastructure and newly designed labs for beginners to practice and pursue training for multiple courses at Lucknow. Debuggers institute in Lucknow train thousands of students around the globe every year for the Angular training at an affordable price which is customized as per each candidate's requirement of modules and content.

Debuggers is the best Angular training Centre in Lucknow involves hands-on experience. We believe in practice what we preach therefore, we encourage every candidate to practically conduct each topic to get real-world insights of Angular scenario. This practice allows a beginner to gain all the concepts and skills effectively and to apply on their field of work later efficiently. Next, we closely monitor the growth of students during the training program and assist them to increase their performance and level of knowledge of the Angular Training Course.

Thus, Debuggers in Lucknow offer job oriented Best Angular Training in Lucknow which prepares the beginners for IT sectors.

Why Join Debuggers for Angular Training:

  • Debuggers provide the best Angular training in Lucknow, according to current industry patterns.
  • All our Angular training programs are based on the Current IT Industry Standard & live industry projects.
  • Our Labs at Debuggers in Lucknow are very well-equipped with the latest version of hardware and software.
  • This Angular training enables beginners as well as intermediate candidates to land on their dream jobs in companies worldwide.
  • Debuggers is a renowned mentoring company offering the best training services in Lucknow and, also recognized as the best Angular training center in Lucknow.
  • The course curriculum for the Angular training course at debuggers in Lucknow is designed to provide in-depth knowledge that covers all the modules for the training ranging from basic to advanced level.
  • At Debuggers Angular training in Lucknow is supervised and managed by industrial experts as well as developers having more than ten years of experience in handling Angular projects.
  • Debuggers' training modules include only practical sessions. It enables candidates to handle difficult and complex situations when stepping into the reality of the IT sector.
  • Even when you start as a very beginner level to learn Angular at Debuggers in Lucknow, you will become an AngularJS Developer once you complete our Angular Certification.
  • 100% job assistance after completion of our training-based programs at Debuggers.


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