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Machine Learning Training Program( Course) : 180 Days/6 months

What you'll Learn

  • Module1:- Introduction to Python- Core Python Concept, Python Character Set.
  • Module2:- Basics of Python(Variables, Data Types, Operators, Input and Output, Expressions)
  • Module3:- Working on conditional and Iterative statement.
  • Module4:- Working on if, if-else, Nested if-else.
  • Module5:- Implementing looping- For, While, Nested Loop.
  • Module6:- Working on control statement- Break, Continue.
  • Module7:- Sting Manipulation, Accessing, Basic Operations, String Slices.
  • Module8:- Implementing Functions.
  • Module9:- Working on List-Accessing, operational, Function and Methods
  • Module10:- Working on Tuple- Accessing, operational, Function and Methods
  • Module11:- Working on Tuple- Accessing, operational, Function and Methods
  • Module12:-Working on Dictionaries- Accessing, operational, Properties, Function and Methods.
  • Module13:- Implementation of Function- Definition, Calling a Function, Type of Functions.
  • Module14:- Function Arguments, Anonymous Functions, Global and Local Variables.
  • Module15:- Working on Modules- importing Modules, Math Module, Random Module, Packages and Compositions.
  • Module16:- Working on Input/output Operations- Printing on Screen, Reading data from Keyboard.
  • Module17:-Implementation of input/output Operations- Opening and closing Files, Reading and Writing Files, Functions
  • Module18:- Implementations on Exception Handling
  • Module19:- Implementation on OOPs Concepts- Object, class, attributes, inheritance, overloading, overriding, Data Hiding.
  • Module20:- Introduction to Lambda Function, Sample Programs using lambda functions, Map and lambda functions, Sorting data with lambda functions
  • Module21:- Filter and lambda functions, Reduce and lambda functions, Applying aggregate functions ,Conditional statements with lambda functions
  • Module22:- Accessing nested list with lambda function and map function, Accessing dictionary keys and values using lambda functions, Filtering dictionary, Processing multiple lists
  • Module23:- Introduction to Regular Expressions, RegEx Module, RegEx Functions, Search(), Split(), Sub()
  • Module24:- Metacharacters, Special Sequences, Sets, Validation of Phone Number using Regular Expression.
  • Module25:- Introduction to Multi-Threading, Multi-Tasking in Python, Types of Multi-tasking in OS , Thread, How to achieve multi-threading in Python, How to create Threads, Race Condition
  • Module26:- Thread Synchronization, Locks, Thread Class Methods, Thread Communication.
  • Module27:-Decorators, Need of Decorators, What are First Class Objects?, Treating the functions as objects, Passing the function as argument, Returning functions from another functions
  • Module28:- Using decorators to wrap another function, Applying multiple decorators in a single function, Decorating functions that accepts arguments
  • Module29:- What are generator functions, Generator object, Reversing a string using generators, Difference between normal functions and generators
  • Module30:- Nested functions and non-local variables, When to use Closures, Example Programs using Closures.
  • Module31:- Introduction Iterators, Types of iterators in Python, Iterating through iterator, Create an iterator, StopIteration, Implementing TV Remote Control System using Iterators
  • Module32:- Introduction to Framework- Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Matplotlip, Tensorflow, Keras
  • Module33:- Understating Data Processing- importing libraries and data sets
  • Module34:- Working on Missing data, categorial Data, Splitting data, Feature Scaling.
  • Module35:- Creating data processing Template
  • Module36:- Understating Regression- Simple Linear Regression, Multiple Linear Regression
  • Module37:- Understating Polynomial regression, support vector regression, decision tree regression
  • Module38:- Understating Classification of Logistic regression, K-nearest Neighbors, Support vector Machine
  • Module39:- Understating Kernel SVM, Naive Bays, decision tree Classifier, Evaluating Classification Model Performance.
  • Module40:- Understating Perception, feature expansion, method and Kernel
  • Module41:- Working on Clustering (K-means , Hierarchical, Recommender)
  • Module42:- Understating Association Rule Learning(Apriori)
  • Module43:- Understating Reinforcement learning(Upper Confidence Bound, Thompson Sampling, Markov Decision Process)
  • Module44:- Understating Natural Language Processing- tokenization, Word Embedding, Sequence Model
  • Module45:- Understating Deep Learning- Artificial Neural Network, Convolutional Neural Network, Transfer learning, multiclass classification, deep Convolution Model
  • Module46:- Understating Dimensionality reduction- principle component analysis, linear discrimination analysis, kernel PCA
  • Module47:- Understating Model Selection and boosting- XGBoost
  • Real Time Latest Project

Machine Learning Training Program( Course) : 180 Days/6 months

At Debuggers For 180 Days/ 6 months Machine Learning Training among top Machine Learning training institutes based in Lucknow. Also known for its kind of quality Machine Learning training given by Working developers who developing web-based applications. Debuggers' aim is to provide the student with the best professional training for Machine Learning Development.


Machine Learning Development Training at Debuggers Lucknow

Machine Learning is one of the hot and trend skills with wide-ranging applications. The demand for Machine Learning using Python engineers is increasing day by day. Machine Learning training is hands-on training for candidates to get better at their coding or programming skills along with building a strong foundation in Machine Learning Technology.

Debuggers Machine Learning development course content is based upon the industry recommendations and is regularly updated to keep pace with the ongoing technological advancements. It is one of the best & reliable Machine Learning institutes that offers basic as well as an advanced level of Machine Learning development training in Lucknow.

Debuggers Beginner to Programmer provide well proficient and experienced professional experts to train the students and make them strong for their professional careers. Debuggers provide Classroom Machine Learning training with the best lab facilities.

Machine Learning is a high-level programming language that easily and effectively integrates with your systems. It runs on almost every operating system such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, Unix, etc. Since python is an open-source programming language, it can be easily used. Machine Learning programmers can program a specific function in even lesser lines using Machine Learning as compared to the other programming languages. 

Machine Learning is one of the best technologies to learn and is widely used by individuals to big organizations such as Google. This Machine Learning development training starts with the basic syntax of Machine Learning and continues to small GUI programs. You will learn Machine Learning with Python data types such as Tuples and Dictionaries, Looping, Functions, and I/O handling, and frameworks like Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Matplotlip, Tensorflow, Keras framework. Machine Learning training will also give you an overview of Object-Oriented Programming and Graphical application development. Machine Learning with Python course will explain some basics modules and their usages like Data Processing, regression, classification, clustering,  association rule learning, reinforcement learning, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, and many more.

At the end of the Machine Learning with Python development Training, individuals will have the skills to grow in Web-Development, GUI Application Programming, Game Development, and writing powerful scripts for System Administration, Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Data Scientist.

Why Join Debuggers for Machine Learning Training:

  • Debuggers provide the best Machine Learning training in Lucknow, according to current industry patterns.
  • All our Machine Learning training programs are based on the Current IT Industry Standard & live industry projects.
  • Our Labs at Debuggers in Lucknow are very well-equipped with the latest version of hardware and software.
  • This Machine Learning training enables beginners as well as intermediate candidates to land their dream jobs in companies worldwide.
  • Debuggers is a renowned mentoring company offering the best training services in Lucknow and, also recognized as the best Machine Learning training center in Lucknow.
  • The course curriculum for the Machine Learning training course at debuggers in Lucknow is designed to provide in-depth knowledge that covers all the modules for the training ranging from basic to advanced level.
  • At Debuggers Machine Learning training in Lucknow is supervised and managed by industrial experts as well as developers having more than ten years of experience in handling Machine Learning projects.
  • Debuggers' training modules include only practical sessions. It enables candidates to handle difficult and complex situations when stepping into the reality of the IT sector.
  • Even when you start at a very beginner level to learn Machine Learning with Python at Debuggers in Lucknow, you will become a Machine Learning Developer once you complete our Machine Learning Certification.
  • 100% job assistance after completion of our training-based programs at Debuggers.


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