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PHP Development Training Program( Course) : 45 Days/6 weeks

What you'll Learn

  • Module1:- Basics learning of HTML, Editors, Elements, Attributes, heading, Paragraph.
  • Module2:- Implementation of Styles, Formatting, Quotations, comments, colors, Link.
  • Module3:- Implementation of Images, Tables, Lists, Classes, Layouts.
  • Module4:- Implementation of Form (Attributes, Elements), Input type, attributes.
  • Module5:- Implementation of Graphics, media, audio & video plug-ins.
  • Module6:- Introduction of CSS- Syntax, Selector, Comments, Colors, background, Border, Margins.
  • Module7:- Implementation of font, icon, text, link, list, table.
  • Module8:- Implementation of Inline, internal, External CSS.
  • Module9:- Introduction of PHP-The origin of PHP, PHP for Web Development & Web Applications, PHP History
  • Module10:- Features of PHP, How PHP works with the Web Server, What is SERVER & how it works.
  • Module11:- PHP Installation & configuration, MySQL Installation, Apache Installation, WAMP Installation.
  • Module12:- Implementing PHP OOPs Concepts-Creating a simple PHP script, Naming Variables, Assigning and Displaying Variable Values, Creating variables, displaying variable values Writing Your First Script.
  • Module13:- Implementation of operators, and expression.
  • Module14:- Implementation of control statement.
  • Module15:- Implementation of loop statement.
  • Module16:- Implementation of OOPs concept.
  • Module17:- Database connection and Management (MySQL).
  • Module18:- Session Management.
  • Module19:- Project Creation and Debug(Mini Project)

PHP Development Training Program( Course) : 45 Days/6 weeks

At Debuggers For 45 Days/ 6 Weeks PHP Training among top PHP training institutes based in Lucknow. Also known for its kind of quality PHP training given by Working developers who developing the web-based applications. Debuggers' aim is to provide the student best professional training for PHP and MySQL.


PHP Training at Debuggers Lucknow:

 PHP Training in Lucknow at Debuggers is designed as per the Industrial Requirement with Live Project. Join Best PHP Training Institute in Lucknow with 100% Job Assistance. Debuggers have a team of highly experienced professionals as well as technical faculties cum developers with more than 10 years of experience in PHP programming and other related PHP technologies.

Debuggers Beginner to Programmer Provides Best PHP Training in Lucknow. We offer PHP training with interactive sessions and real-time practical examples. We are offering complete and expertise PHP training in Lucknow to our beginners which help them to receive hands-on tutoring in a real-time scenario including with PHP projects.

Here are the major topics we covered under PHP Training are Exploring Data Types, Control Structures: Logical Expressions, Control Structures: Loops, User-Defined Functions, Debugging, Building Web Pages using PHP, Working with Forms and Form Data, Working with Cookies and Sessions, MySQL Basics, Application CRUD, Building the Public Area, Advanced PHP Techniques, Sending Emails, etc. Every topic covered under our PHP Training is in a most practical way with real-time examples.

Debuggers is an excellent PHP programming course in Lucknow with superior integrated infrastructure and newly designed labs for beginners to practice and pursue training for multiple courses at Lucknow. Debuggers institute in Lucknow train thousands of students around the globe every year for the PHP training at an affordable price which is customized as per each candidate's requirement of modules and content.

PHP training course at Debuggers in Lucknow involves hands-on experience. We believe in practice what we preach therefore, we encourage every candidate to practically conduct each topic to get real-world insights into the PHP scenario. This practice allows a beginner to gain all the concepts and skills effectively and to apply on their field of work later efficiently. Next, we closely monitor the growth of students during the training program and assist them to increase their performance and level of knowledge of the PHP Training Course.

Thus, Debuggers in Lucknow offer job oriented Best PHP Training in Lucknow which prepares the beginners for IT sectors. 

Why Join Debuggers Lucknow for PHP Training:

  • Debuggers provide the best PHP training in Lucknow , according to current industry patterns.
  • All our PHP training programs are based on the Current IT Industry Standard & live industry projects.
  • Our Labs at Debuggers in Lucknow are very well-equipped with the latest version of hardware and software.
  • This PHP training enables beginners as well as intermediate candidates to land on their dream jobs in companies worldwide.
  • Debuggers is a renowned mentoring company offering best training services in Lucknow and, also recognized as the best PHP training center in Lucknow.
  • The course curriculum for the PHP training course at debuggers in Lucknow is designed to provide in-depth knowledge that covers all the modules for the training ranging from basic to advanced level.
  • At Debuggers PHP training in Lucknow is supervised and managed by industrial experts as well as developers having more than ten years of experience in handling PHP projects.
  • Debuggers' training modules include only practical sessions. It enables candidates to handle difficult and complex situations when stepping into the reality of the IT sector.
  • Even when you start as a very beginner level to learn PHP at Debuggers in Lucknow, you will become a PHP Developer once you complete our PHP Certification.
  • 100% job assistance after completion of our training-based programs at Debuggers.


How will I get my course completion certificate from Debuggers Beginner to Programmer?

Your course completion certificate is done by very simple criteria. you must have successfully submitted the project assessment criteria set by our industry-based specialists.

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Absolutely right, PHP is one of the most preferred web programming languages in the world, and all the large important websites, like Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Mailchimp, Tumblr and many more use it for their web applications.

This course will help you to all the fundamentals of PHP, implementation of Object-Oriented concepts, implementation of HTML5 and CSS3, Database connection, session management and ending the course by building a real-time industry-based Project.

This course is for all those candidates who are appearing or qualified in B.Tech(CS/IT), M.Tech(CS/IT), BCA, MCA, BSc(IT), MSc(IT), Diploma(CS/IT). This course is bear in mind for only beginners in PHP development. No programming or development experience is needed at all.

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