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Android Development Training Program( Course) : 90 Days/3 months

What you'll Learn

  • Module1:- Getting started with java updated version.
  • Module2:- Understating OOPs Concepts, Classes, and Interfaces.
  • Module3:- Working with AWT (Abstract Window Toolkit), Event Handling.
  • Module4:- Learning I/O, UTIL Package, Collection
  • Module5:- Specialist in Error Exceptions, Threads
  • Module6:- JDBC
  • Module7:- Introduction to Mobile Apps, Needs, different kinds
  • Module8:- Introduction to Android Development, History
  • Module9:- Android Architecture, Deep Overview in Android Stack
  • Module10:- Installing Android Machine, Android Components, Building UI with Activities
  • Module11:- Working with Advanced UI, Notifications, Multi-threading
  • Module12:- Understanding Styles and Themes, Resources and Assets
  • Module13: Intent, Intent Filters and Broadcast Receivers, Data Storage, Content Providers
  • Module14:- Working with Services, Multimedia in Android
  • Module15:- Location Based Services and Google Maps, Web Services and Web-view
  • Module16:- Working with Sensors, Wi-Fi, Telephony Services
  • Module17:-working with Camera, Bluetooth, Fragments, Material Design, Gradle, Firebase cloud.
  • Latest Project

Android Development Training Program( Course) : 90 Days/3 months

At Debuggers for 90 Days/ 3 months Android Training among top Android training institutes based in Lucknow. Also known for its kind of quality Android training given by Working developers who develop a mobile-based application. Debuggers' aim is to provide the student with the best professional training for android development.


Android Development Training at Debuggers Lucknow:

 Android is the “heartbeat” of the mobile software industry as it powers the multi-thousands of smartphones. There are a million of users around the globe, which clearly reflects that the professionals required to fuel the operating software requirements are immense. In addition, Android is available in 46 languages therefore the opportunities are tremendous.

Debuggers Beginner to Programmer offers complete Android Training in Lucknow from domain expert faculty carrying great experience in android app development. Our experts deliver a practical session on theory & guide you to code your own on the given task. Due to the movement of people towards the online world, the marketplace is also changed. Nowadays many e-commerce companies are launching their online stores in the form of websites as well as mobile apps for selling their products. You will be able to work with UI layouts, Controls and event handling, styles, themes, and their custom components, Android drag and drop, email, SMS, etc. These are some benefits of android app development course.

Android training courses in Lucknow at Debuggers is the more trustful Android Applications training center for your future in the Android Development field. Mobile applications usually help users by connecting them to Internet services more commonly accessed on desktop or notebook computers or help them by making it easier to use the Internet on their portable devices. A mobile apps may be a mobile Web site bookmarking utility, a mobile-based instant messaging client, Gmail for mobile, and many other applications. The best Android training Institute in Lucknow you will find is Debuggers.

Android operating system is an open-source and developed by Google that powers hundreds of millions of mobile applications. Today Android is the most prominent operating system in the entire world with more than 2.7 Billion Smartphones running Android as of 2019. Nowadays many android applications are available in Play Stores like applications for games, picture storage, audio & video calling apps, online sale & shopping and many more applications.

Software professionals particularly those specialized in Android gets special attention in the market as the consumers demand of creative and imaginative apps, creates opportunity for the company to keep updating and designing the innovative applications on the mobile. For these, the company needs skilled professionals and this results in increased job opportunities and career growth and our goal is to prepare you as a specialized in Android field & assist you to get your dream job in your interest in technology. That’s our promise to you. 

Why Join Debuggers For Android Training:

  • Debuggers provide the best Android training in Lucknow, according to current industry patterns.
  • All our Android training programs are based on the Current IT Industry Standard & live industry projects.
  • Our Labs at Debuggers in Lucknow are very well-equipped with the latest version of hardware and software.
  • This Android training enables beginners as well as intermediate candidates to land on their dream jobs in companies worldwide.
  • Debuggers is a renowned mentoring company offering best training services in Lucknow and, also recognized as the best Android training center in Lucknow.
  • The course curriculum for the Android training course at debuggers in Lucknow is designed to provide in-depth knowledge that covers all the modules for the training ranging from basic to advanced level.
  • At Debuggers Android training in Lucknow is supervised and managed by industrial experts as well as developers having more than ten years of experience in handling Android projects.
  • Debuggers' training modules include only practical sessions. It enables candidates to handle difficult and complex situations when stepping into the reality of the IT sector.
  • Even when you start as a very beginner level to learn Android at Debuggers in Lucknow, you will become an Android Developer once you complete our Android Certification.
  • 100% job assistance after completion of our training-based programs at Debuggers.




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