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iOS Swift Development Training Program( Course) : 90 Days/3 months

What you'll Learn

  • Module1:- Getting started with iOS updated version.
  • Module2:- Introduction Creating an Xcode Project
  • Module3:- Using Interface Builder(Storyboard) Architecture Pattern.
  • Module4:- Understanding Model-View-Controller(MVC)
  • Module5:- Creating variable and method iOS,
  • Module6:-Understanding Application Life cycle
  • Module7:- Getting started with swift updated version.
  • Module8:- Learning Swift Basics, Any/AnyObject
  • Module9:- Learning Any/AnyObject.
  • Module10:- Understanding Weak,Data types.
  • Module11:- Learning Wrapping and in-wrapping values
  • Module12:- Understanding Collections
  • Module13:- Basics learning Array(NSArray, NSMutableArray)
  • Module14:- Dictionary(NSDictionary, NSMutableDictionary)
  • Module15:- Learning Set
  • Module16:- Facts about classes in iOS
  • Module17:- Understanding Super, Self.
  • Module18:- Working with Initializer, Instance method
  • Module19:- Constraints Use of constraints
  • Module20:- Working with UI Components, UITextfields, UIButton
  • Module21:- Working with UITextfields.
  • Module22:- Working with UIButton
  • Module23:- Working with UIView.
  • Module24:- Working with UIImageView.
  • Module25:- Working with Capturing of image from camera and iphone library
  • Module26:- Working with UITextView.
  • Module27:- Working with UITableView
  • Module28:- Basic of Creating cell
  • Module29:- Using of delegates and data sources.
  • Module30:- Using of Deleting rows
  • Module31:- working with UICollectionView.
  • Module32:- working with Basic of UITableView
  • Module33:- understanding Creating cell.
  • Module34:- understanding Using of delegates
  • Module35:- understanding data sources
  • Module36:- Saving Data within the app.
  • Module37:- working with NSUser Defaults(saving and fetching data)
  • Module38:- working with Web Services, Fetching data from endpoint
  • Module39:- working with Fetching data from endpoint
  • Module40:- understanding Json parsing, Showing data
  • Module41:- understanding Showing data
  • Real Time Latest Project

iOS Swift Development Training Program( Course) : 90 Days/3 months

At Debuggers for 90 Days/ 3 months ios swift Training among top ios swift training institutes based in Lucknow. Also known for its kind of quality ios swift training given by Working developers who develop a mobile-based application. Debuggers' aim is to provide the student with the best professional training for ios swift development.


Best ios swift app iPhone training in Lucknow

 Debuggers provide the best iOS swift App training in Lucknow. Debuggers beginner to programmer provides the best iOS Apps iPhone training in Lucknow based on current industry-based that helps trainees to boost-up their dream jobs at MNCs.

iOS swift App Training programs in Lucknow are organized by debuggers. Debuggers are leading Industrial/Software training institutes in Lucknow & Uttar Pradesh.

We provide the best learning ambiance for the major technical courses at affordable prices. The best iOS App training institute in Lucknow offers the best technical IT training for the course. We provide 45 days, 90 days, 180 days iOS app Training in Lucknow with proper practical knowledge.

At debuggers, iOS  App Training is offered by industry experts having 8-10 Yrs. of experience. Debuggers provide projector-based practical training and multi-facilitate classrooms so that candidates can better understanding. Debuggers is one of the best iOS with Swift mastery level training center in Lucknow.

iOS app mastery level program will surely truly to boost your professional carriers. Certification Based Training is designed by Certified Professionals from the relevant industries focusing on the needs of the market.

Debuggers is one of the Top iOS App iPhone training institutes in Lucknow with 100% placement assistance. This course module is well defined for students as well as corporate. 

At debuggers beginner, to programmer iOS App iPhone training is conducted different times like(day time, weekend, and fast track training session).

Why Join Debuggers for ios swift Training:

  • Debuggers provide the best iOS swift training in Lucknow, according to current industry patterns.
  • All our iOS swift training programs are based on the Current IT Industry Standard & live industry projects.
  • Our Labs at Debuggers in Lucknow are very well-equipped with the latest version of hardware and software.
  • This iOS swift training enables beginners as well as intermediate candidates to land on their dream jobs in companies worldwide.
  • Debuggers is a renowned mentoring company offering the best training services in Lucknow and, also recognized as the best iOS swift training center in Lucknow.
  • The course curriculum for the iOS swift training course at debuggers in Lucknow is designed to provide in-depth knowledge that covers all the modules for the training ranging from basic to advanced level.
  • At Debuggers iOS swift training in Lucknow is supervised and managed by industrial experts as well as developers having more than ten years of experience in handling iOS swift projects.
  • Debuggers' training modules include only practical sessions. It enables candidates to handle difficult and complex situations when stepping into the reality of the IT sector.
  • Even when you start as a very beginner level to learn iOS swift at Debuggers in Lucknow, you will become an iOS swift Developer once you complete our iOS swift Certification.
  • 100% job assistance after completion of our training-based programs at Debuggers.

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